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Majestic 570 Catamaran

Boatyard: Royal Cape Catamarans

Rig Package: Mast, boom, standing and running rigging

Furler: Profurl

Component Package: Crossbeam, compression walkway and anchor launch system


The Majestic 570 Catamaran, first launched in March 2020, has modernised hull lines and has many modern features and the latest in nautical technology. She offers all of the features of the Majestic 530 plus the added fly bridge, which provides panoramic 360 degree views.
The Majestic 570 Catamaran features modernized lines, increased freeboard, larger windows with more natural light and visibility plus longer waterline length enhancing performance and increased buoyancy. She also boats larger trampolines and more sail area than the Majestic 530.

Read more about the Majestic 570 Catamaran here

We also design and manufacture the rig package and components for the Majestic 530 Catamaran.

Thank you to Majestic Catamarans for the use of some of the images

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