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We use Tef-Gel on all our Rigging Screws threads and all our pins that have a lot of movement like the gooseneck pin.   Enquire or order


Duralac is a great barrier paste that hardens, perfect for Stainless steel fasteners and Stainless steel fittings in Aluminium to prevent corrosive activities. With it hardening it will also act in a screw locking paste to prevent vibrating out. Enquire…

Main Halyard Blocks

Our Main Halyard Blocks are fitted with easy quick release captive pin for ease of application, they come with either an 80 mm or 100 mm sheave.   Enquire or order  

Low Friction Rings

Our Low Friction Rings are machined from Aluminium and hard coat anodized for the perfect finish.   Enquire or order

Dog Bones

Our Dog Bones are machined from Aluminium and then colour coated for our fresh look. Enquire or order

Duffel Coat Pins

Our Duffel Coat Pins are machined from stainless steel and then polished.   Enquire or order

Gaff Hooks

Our Gaff Hook comes in two different sizes, one that fits the Harken System B Battcar System and the Antal HS24 Track. The bigger size fits the Harken System C Battcar System and the Antal HS24 Track.   Enquire or…

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