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Xquiste Yachts recently launched another two Xqusite X5 Sailing Catamarans – Hull #12 and Hull #14.  Sparcraft Masts is the rig design and manufacture partner.

The Xquiste X5 Sailing Catamaran is built in Cape Town by a team of highly experienced catamaran builders called Phoenix Catamarans, and are marketed globally and exclusively under the brand, Xquisite Yachts.
Stepping the rig of a sailing catamaran is a specialised and lengthy operation. This video gives an idea what goes into the stepping of the mast – starting with the rig getting loaded at our factory.
Sparcraft Masts partners with Xquisite Yachts in designing and manufacturing the mast, boom, standing and running rigging, headstay and forestay, crossbeam and compression bracket.
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