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Chris James

Chris is an experienced sailor, having sailed many nautical miles inshore and offshore over the years. He has a wealth of rigging experience, having owned Yacht Masts & Rigging since…

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Ian MacRobert

Sales & Customer Relations
He has 18 years of experience in the mast manufacturing game. His career in mast building began at Sparcraft in 2001 setting up and running the Quality Assurance Programme that is still in place today.
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Steven Fisher

Production Manager

Steven Fisher, Sparcraft Masts’ Production Manager, has been in the mast building game for 32 years, having also started his career at Bellamy Masts. He has an amazing skill set…

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Yvette Miller


Yvette Miller is the stalwart of the company. Yvette was also a member of Bellamy Masts crew back in 1988. She was lured back into the Sparcraft team to manage…

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Kevin Foreman

Quality Assurance & Functionality

Kevin Foreman plays an important role in the team, looking after Quality Assurance and functionality of the commissioned and dispatched products. He handles the procurement of hardware and stock. He…

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Tich Mitchell

Tich Mitchell has been in the mast building business for 38 years. He left the submarine service to join Bellamy Masts in 1981 and there began his ongoing passion for…

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