More than 12,000 Sparcraft parts are available to meet your needs : cleats, winch pads, spinnaker gear, tips or thrubars of spreaders…

Different models are available according to your sailing needs : fractional or mast head rig, extruded, tapered or non. There are several sheave options.

The spreader sections are profiled and the spreader roots are specially designed for rigging with emphasis on loads and high stability.

We use the most recent techniques in aluminium manufacturing to develop your products to perfection.

We take the best mast section and the functionalities of each part to meet your specifications. Our range thus takes into account the particularity of performance rigging: Weight to inertia ratio, geometry or aerodynamics…

The range is adapted to a wide variety of sailboats and many different rig set-ups (mast head or fractional rig). Components have been specifically designed with easy assembly in mind, and for the reliability of every part, and their adaptability to different sections…

  • Aluminium & Composite
  • Efficient riggings
  • A full range of standard and optional parts

Our range is available for racing or fast cruising for boats up to 72 feet.